We're Sew Creative is an authorized BERNINA dealer. We carry the full collection of BERNINA sewing, quilting, embroidery and serger machines.  We also carry a full line of presser feet, accessories and software for BERNINA machines.  Browse our page to learn more about the BERNINA collection.  Come into the store to test them out.  Our staff is very happy to demonstrate and answer any questions you have about the BERNINA collection of machines.





The BERNINA 880 is the most sophiscated of the BERNINA collection with Stitch Designer, Shape Designer and the New Color Wheel.    Enjoy an extended sewing area and fully automatic threading at the thouch of a button!  Sew, Quilt, Embroidery and Create!  Come into the shop and give it a whirl!


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BERNINA launched it's BERNINA hook system with the 7 Series.  The BERNINA hook allows for stitches up to 9mm in width and speeds up to 1,000 stitches a minute.  The bobbin is larger and holds about 70% more bobbin thread.  The BERNINA 7 Series Sewing and Embroidery machines have everything you need to turn your most creative concepts into beautiful artwork. 


BERNINA'S first embroidery only machine.  Introducing the B700.


Also in the shop now, the BERNINA 765 Special Addition with up to $2,000 in additions!  Choose one of three additions available: Embroidery Module, B330 Sewing Machine or Quilting Kit.



The BERNINA 790 – comfortable sewing and embellishing of the finest fabrics.  Switch to embroidery mode directly via the touch screen.




Sewing and Embroidery made BERNINA easy!






Click here for more detailed information on the BERNINA 7 Series machines.


5 Series


Introducing the new BERNINA 5 Series Models:

The BERNINA 590 is the perfect machine for sewing, quilting & embroidery.  Over 1,700 stitch patterns and 275 built in embroidery designs.  Click here for more information on the BERNINA 590.

The B570 Quilters Edition with Embroidery comes with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator and the Patchwork 97 Foot.  Learn more about the B570 Quilters Edition with Embroidery here.

The B570 Quilters Edition comes with 73 built in quilting stitches and 450 decorative stitches.  It also comes with the Patchwork 97 Foot and the BERNINA Stitch Regulator.  Learn more about the B570 Quilters Edition here.

The BERNINA 535 or 535E (with Embroidery) is the perfect machine for fine materials and patchwork.  You will enjoy a 5.5mm stitch plate, over 1,000 built in stitches and five sewing alphabets.  Add the Embroidery arm so that you can add beautiful embroidery to your projects.  Learn more about the 535 here and the 535E here.

The BERNINA 500 is an embroidery only machine.  Enjoy the ease of Pinpoint Placement, 275 built in designs, and eight embroidery alphabets.  Learn more about the BERNINA 500 here.

The BERNINA 5 Series is a reliable, mid-price line of sewing and embroidery machines.  The Series inclueds the 530, 560, 570QE, 507QQE, and the 580.  Click here for more information on the remaining 5 Series machines.




3 Series


The BERNINA 3 Series is a delightful line of entry level sewing machines.  The Series includes the 330, 350 and 350SE.   Click here for more information on the 3 Series.






The BERNINA Serger/Overlocker line encompasses a wide range of different models which meet the needs of all users, from beginners to experienced.  Click here for more information on the complete line of BERNINA Overlocker/Sergers.